Today I begin….Babywearing

Published July 13, 2011 by thespottedowl1

Here it is my very first blog entry. Im hoping to fill these pages with stories of my adventures in motherhood and in running a business.
Todays adventures include planning a 5 year olds pirate party, dealing with a whiny baby and trying to start a blog. You know I thought writing for others to read would be a little more simple but I must admit I am a little shy. So im thinking to get into the groove of things I will start with a topic everyday and write a post for it. Since I didnt put my babywearing write up on the webpage, I am going to write it here. So here we go DAY 1: BABY WEARING
thanks for stopping by:)

Why Baby wear?

Babywearing means carrying your baby or child in a carrier. It is a form of baby transport. There are many different types of carriers including slings, wraps, backpacks, and front carriers. Baby wearing allows the caregiver to have two free hands. This is great in the early days for parents of colicky babies because it allows baby to sleep and work to still get done. Having free hands is great in the grocery store and a carrier is a safe alternative to having baby in the seat on top of a cart. With baby in carrier you are free to cook, garden, and breastfeed hands free. There are many benefits to baby wearing, one of the most important being that it increases a mothers oxytocin to have physical contact with baby. This oxcytocin release leads to a more intimate maternal bond, easier breastfeeding and lower incidences of postpartum depression. Baby wearing is great for dads too and helps foster a deep bond between father and baby. There are other benefits of baby wearing such as reducing the risk of baby getting a flat head and baby’s tend to establish independence earlier, it is good for baby‘s mental and physical development. Most carriers allow baby to be breastfed while carried and this can even mean on the go! So get your carriers out, leave that stroller at home and cuddle your little one!


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