Published July 22, 2011 by thespottedowl1

Borrowed this idea from my new favourite blog/facebook page Play at Home Mom!/pages/Play-at-Home-Mom/174614952594331
Today my sun turned 5 and today we built a light box. My sun turning 5 is such a milestone for me, he seems like such a big boy now. One of the things we did today was build a lightbox. So simple and so fun. First i bought an under the bed rubbermaid container with a cloudy bottom. It cost around $6. Then I purchased an under the counter light for around $12. I brought it home and my sun and I lined the sides in black construction paper and used 2 sided tape to stick the light under the lid. It would probably look a little better with 2 lights but that would cost a little more than I wanted to spend. After flipping the box over and plugging it in we have a very functional lightbox which is going to provide hours of entertainment. So what did we do with said lightbox you ask? Well I packed my little star into her stroller and the sun and us went for a nature walk. We collected bamboo leaves, lavender, grass, money tree seed/leaves, sweetpeas and some leaves. We had a wonderful walk around our neighbourhood and talked about everything we collected. Aiden reminded me that he uses a bamboo toothbrush and seemed pretty proud by this fact. When we got home we put our discoveries on the light table and really investigated them. My boy loved this. He really liked the veins in the leaves and seeing the seeds in the money tree leaf. He sorted and stacked. We left the table and went on with the day. Right before bed we got into it again. I took down all of my coloured vases, Aiden pulled out some feathers. When little star saw these things being brought out she boogied her little bum over to the light box and started climbing it. We settled her next to it, I grabbed the camera and let the kids get to work. My girl is almost 11 months and very musically inclined, she immedietly started making beats on box and the vases. Then she got to work checking it all out. Sun and Star stacked, and organized, they learned about colours and textures, they used their imaginations and best of all they had fun. Truly. I look forward to finding other mediums for our box perhaps working with coloured epsom salts and water beads. I would love to find some transclucent mosaic shapes. Less than $20 spent and already some perfect, wonderful memories with my children. Get out and Play but if you want to have an inside day I highly recommend this project.


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