Alinas Birth Story

Published September 4, 2011 by thespottedowl1

The Birth story of my second child, my daughter, born September 3 2010

For days I told people my baby would be here on Friday September 3. The night before I said to my partner “I think we are going to have a baby tomorrow” and we discussed what it would be like to have contractions wake you up. I awoke the next morning feeling peaceful and anxious at the same time. As I was laying in bed contemplating my day my water broke. It kinda felt like a small pop and liqued started coming out. It was 7:30 am. again at 9:30 more came out. After that my contractions came every 10 minutes. I took Aiden for a walk to the end of our road and really enjoyed walking around and thinking about what was going to come. Those last moments with my only child were also very precious. The smile on his face and seeing his excitement at the impending arrival of his baby were unforgettable.
My partner B went to finish up his rood so that he could be ready for baby time. My mom was called and told it would be soon.
By around 1 pm I decided it was time to go in and get my anti biotic, group b strep +. By the time I was registered and got my meds it was around 3pm. The nurse had me hooked up to the stress moniters and my contractions werent showing up but i was starting to get really crampy feeling. The nurse sent my to my drs office to make sure my membranes had ruptured ( I guess I couldnt make that judgement?). He did a swam and confirmed immedietely. However, I wasent dilated at all but my cervix was very soft. So we agreed to meet at the hospital at 7pm to check my progress and get more anti biotics. By this time I was very excited and I knew that I would for sure be having a baby soon.

While I did all these things Aiden was at home with my aunt and cousin, 2 of some his favourtite people. Brendan dropped me back at home by 4. My contractions were 8 minutes apart. He went to wrap up work and I chilled at home with Aiden and the girls. They left ot pick up dinner and my contractions started coming every 6 minutes and i couldnt hold a conversation. Really quickly it was every 5 minutes and as my son watched cartoon I breathed and said ow ow ow ow. Brenda came home and knew it was time to go. We called his dad who lives just down the raod to watch Aiden. Auntie and my mom were called and told it was time. My mom left courtenay in a hurry to come watch her grandbaby be born. We arrived at the hospital just after 6pm. The nurses were going to wait until 7 for my dr to come and check me but as the pain started coming hard and fast the called my dr and told him to get there. I walked around to deal with the pain and rocked a little against a wall. At 6:45 my dr checked me, i was 6 centimeters. He stayed in the room and I breathed with the pain. He checked my around 7 pm and I was 8 centimeters. I took a few hauls off the laughing gas just to help with the panic i was started to feel as I remembered the hours and hours of contractions, pushing and crowning and pain that was my sons labour. I was checked again between 7:10- 7:15 and I was 10 centimeters. I was shocked at how fast everything was going. The nurses, Brendan and the dr convinced me to start pushing and told me the baby would be here soon. I dont think I could fathom how fast it would go. I fave 3 maybe 4, really good, big pushes. Out came the head and the body, there was no crowning or stopping and I didnt tear. Baby was put on my tubby right away and I looked down and saw that it was a GIRL! I looked at my B and we both cried as we just kept saying “I cant believe we had a girl!” The nurses left my baby girl on me for a long time while I criedand felt so in love with my baby, my man and my little family. B cried and the look on his face said it all. He was so happy to have a baby girl. Having just him in the room ended up being very special. He helped me breathe through the pain and encouraged me non stop. He knew I could do it and he helped me feel strong. He hadnt planned on watching this baby come out, but he did, and he is so happy he did.

Right after our baby was born we called everyone then B left to get the rest of the family and I had some wonderful moments alone with my new girl. I held her, I nursed her, i memorized every swollen bit of her. She had come so fast her face was bruised purple and she was very swollen. It was beautiful to sit in the quiet and breastfeed my new baby girl. All very sureal and perfect.

Brendans Brother was the first to arrive and the look of adoration on his face at his little neice was beautiful to see. Then my Aiden walked in. My beautiful bou was so very excited to meet his little sister. Again such love on his face. My mom came in and it was the same. My aunt and my cousin were there for those first moments as well. Everyone was over joyed to meet the little girl who happily slept. Eventually everyone left but only after Aiden gave the sweetest hugs and kisses. My mom and B stayed and watche dbaby girl while i got up (by myself!) and had a shower. My girl was 9lbs 1 oz and yet I could get up and shower no problem. I walked to my room, no problem. Last time I was in a wheelchair for days! That night my mom stayed so that B could go home and cuddle with Aiden. It was a wonderful and peaceful night. baby girl gurgles all night, she had come so fast that her lungs were still filled with fliud. I still could hardly believe I just had a baby.

The next morning at 6 am B texted me. Aiden had just woken up and all he wanted was to come and see his baby sister. They came and Aid cuddled and kissed her feet and it was then he started to really fall in love. My mom was so wonderful cuddling and helping. At 1:30 saturday afternoon, after waiting all morning for my dr to finally come, we were released. Her weight was down to 8lbs 5oz. Brendan and I brought her home while Amma and Aid went and grocery shopped, my craving for fruit continued for a week post partum. It was glorious to carry my little girl into through the door into our little house. The first ngiht home she cried a little and her cries remind us of a terradactyl. The first time Aiden told someone that hes a big brother was beautiful he is so proud. The way he gazes at her is precious. So there it is… The labour was perfect, the birth was perfect, the result was perfect, our family is perfect and life right now for me is perfect.


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