Fairy Garden

Published May 23, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Oh i’ve been wanting to write this post for weeks! Trouble logging into word press but it is all fixed now so stay tuned for more posts because we have been up to a lot of fun stuff that I would love to share with you all.

About a month ago I started planning a fairy garden for my children to help build and play in. A magical little space for imaginations to soar and fairies to come and live. I had an idea in my mind and one sunny day I took the kids outside and we got to work. We decided to build our garden in an overgrown herb box in our front yard.


This is how it looked when we started. Yuck. I cleaned it out and my Sun trimmed the herbs (chives, oregano and thyme). Daddy nailed down all the sharp nails poking out (good job daddy!) We placed some of things in so we could have a visual of how it was going to look.


Time to bring out the pond rocks!


This was a discovery play time all in itself and Alina (star) and Aiden (sun) really enjoyed investigating the different rocks. I had these around the house from a fish we had a long time ago but you can find them at dollar stores, craft stores and pet stores. After our little rock time we loaded into the car, daddy came too (all of a sudden he was very interested in our little project), and off to home depot we went. We need some plants for our fairies and after a half an hour of humming and hawing and little star running and then having a melt down and screaming, we picked a grass that resembled a waterfall and an orange flower (begonia?), if you dont live in a mossy area you can also pick up moss from home depot. Home we went to plant our treasures!


At this point we see it coming together and we are all super excited. Every fairy garden needs soft moss to walk on so we carefully pulled ours up from around the yard. My sun goes out everyday and waters the moss to help it take to our garden and so far we only have 1 small brown patch that I am pretty sure will come back and if not we will just get more from our yard:) Sun and star added rocks and water to the pond and it all is starting to come together now.



The little flat glass make great fairy stepping stones! Finally we added blue fish tank rocks for the creek, these I found at my local pet store but I have heard most dollar stores also carry them.



Isnt it wonderful! Brendan (hubby although we are not married) says it his favourite project we have done and he shows it to everyone who comes to visit:) Over the last month it has changed a little and the kids have been playing in it a couple times a week. Some grass has grown but we like the wild look of it and I think next time the kids go play ill give them scissors to mow the lawn for the fairies. A few mornings the kids have found fairy dust sprinkled around and Aiden is now convinced the fairies do come and visit. Here is a pic I just shot of it (please excuse the quality of the pics ill work on that). We plan on painting the wooden guest house at some point and on getting some toadstools that Image

that I have seen on www.etsy.com found when searching miniature toadstools. Some gnomes have come to visit in the garden (found these at canadian tire and use them in our boot planters, stay tunned for a blog on that), Aiden has also added a bench made from driftwood found in Tofino, BC. You can view my pinterest board that I pinned for inspiration here http://pinterest.com/thespottedowl/gnometastic/ . I am happy to say that I know for a fact our garden has inspired others to make their own. Are you planning yours already? I would love to see pics when you are done! Our next project like this will be a gnome home built with bark and other natural things. Happy building and check back soon for more fun projects.


We Trimmed the grass and found a jar of fairy dust hidden in the garden! NOw just to clean out the pond…

I’ve entered the 2012 Fairy garden contest over at The Magic Onions… check it out and enter yours too! http://themagiconions.blogspot.ca/2012/04/fairy-garden-contest-2012.html


Some new friends have come to visit the garden.

an impish fellow has come to play


A new mini tea set ready for a fairy tea party.

Still waiting on some little tools to pop up, I have been very busy mowing the fairy lawn and wouldnt mind them helping out a little 😉


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