Light Sculptures and staying home on a rainy spring day

Published June 12, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Sun is home with a late spring cold today and I welcomed the opportunity to play and relax with him on this rainy day. We started the morning off with some painting. Little Star was very excited to get started, she loooves to paint. Here is her offer

 This is Suns project  

Star ended up with a beautiful picture and wonderful war paint. So this project was follwed up by bathtime.

After Stars naptime it was time to start the project I have been collecting things for for weeks! Formula and baby food jars off of our local swap, little glass “rocks” from the dollar store, tissue paper from packages, a cold glue gun and we are set. Im sure we did something like this when I was in school but this inspiration came from I love the way she lays out her offers. Here is ours.

Here we are in action



There you have it! Simple and fun. Sun is still working on them as I type this and he has now made a bottle that says “MOM” and a bunch of others. My Sun uses our cold glue gun and knows how to use it safely. The Tissue paper was glued on with regular elmers liquid white glue. The middle bottom sculpture Star did all by herself stuffing tissue and rocks into a jar, this was a great way for her to be involved. She also helped with the ripping and glueing of all the tissue paper on the others sculptures. Next rainy day keep this one in mind. Heres another picture from today, just because.


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