Some Favourite Things from “June-uary”

Published June 26, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Summer is late this year and we have had 2 colds this month but we’ve also had some really wonderful times. Here are just a few of them.


Star and Sun love visiting their Amma and riding their pony. A wonderful quarterhorse mare who was also my first horse and bought for me from my grandpa. She will end her days on Amma and Popas farm.

The Tickle Trunk was visited often and with great enthusiasm on all our parts. We continue our thrift store search for old wigs.

We visited Kinsol Trestle in beautiful Shawnigan Lake with Suns beaver troupe. According to Wikipedia Kinsol Trestle was “Completed in 1920, its dimensions measure 44 m (144 ft) high and 188 m (617 ft) long, making it the largest wooden trestle in the Commonwealth and one of the highest railway trestles in the world.” While walking across it the first time I felt slightly dizzy but little star wanted to run and look and jump, she was kept carefully restrained by daddy. Sun thought it was really neat but mostly was excited for his nature walk. We hiked the trail for a few km and will be back to visit again. The trails were spacious and the forest smelled alive, the winding Koksilah river was refreshing, both to touch and to see from above.

Wishes were made.

There were many windy days this month and we spent them at Rathtrevor in Parksville, Dallas rd in Victoria and Longbeach in Tofino. This past year our family has found a real passion for kite flying. From 1 meter to 12 meter we have kites for every different speed of wind. Sun flies a one string parachute as well as a 1 meter two handled power kite. Sun and Star each have a parachute man they love to throw into the wind. B rides the buggy as well as a mountain board and hopes to get into kite surfing this summer. This new hobby has really gotten our family outdoors and to many places we had never been. I hope to get some better pictures of our adventures soon and do a post on it.

Those are some of the other activities we did this month and posts on them can be found here


We travelled to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria and saw the dinosaur exhibit. It was fantastic! There were lots of hands-on activities as well as variety in the exhibit. The entire museum was entertaining for all.

Dinosaurs have been a big theme around our house lately. The play on the left Sun designed himself. The felt board scene was us telling stories about dinsosaurs, as you can see we made most of the pieces ourselves. We got the felt at the dollar store and the peices we didnt make were bought at local thrift stores. I put the following Dino scene out for Star today.


Park days are wonderful and visiting the petting zoo in Victoria at Beacon Hill park is a real treat.

Baby spiders discovering their web were very interesting to watch.

 Sun ran his fastest and managed to win the boys kindergarten sprint at Sports day. He really loved playing the games though.

 Letting star paint my face and her own is always a blast for both of us.

These are only a few of our adventures this month. Please “follow” and get kept up to date on our adventures to come including more kites, geocaching, more sensory bins, recipes and more! For now look at this wonderful snack we had the other day. Place chocolate chips inside raspberries for a delicious summer treat.


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