Chick Pea Fries

Published July 3, 2012 by thespottedowl1

 pic thanks to google images

I call them Garbanzo beans. I love garbanzo beans. Garbanzo beans are the most widely consumed legume in the world, according to Garbanzo beans originate in the Middle East, they have a firm texture with a flavour between chestnuts and walnuts. They are usually pale yellow in colour but I have heard they also come in red, black and brown. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, phosphorus, calcium and iron which makes them a wonderful choice for vegetarians and also for people like us who are cutting our meat intake back drastically and still need protein.

While at our local farmers market we tried chick pea fries out of a food truck and fell in love. My sun says “they are even better than regular fries mommy!” I’m sure you know how much kids like french fries so this is a big statement. Big and True. We couldn’t stand to only visit and eat chick pea (garbanzo bean) fries once a week and set out to make our own. We went to our local health food/ organic/ local food store and purchased a bag of “chick pea flour” also called “farina”, I have been told some grocery stores carry this.

Cooking is something I am really trying to include my kids in, trying to instill good food habits and a love for “real” food. My sun is a huge helper and hey, everyone loves a guy who can cook! Here is the recipe we used, it is a combination of recipes found on the internet. These are vegan and gluten-free. Being my first time cooking them and my limited cooking ability I am super happy with the way they turned out, they may not be pretty but they were delicious!

Chick Pea Fries

1 1/4 cups chick pea flour aka farina, besan flour, gram flour and garbanzo bean flour

1/2 teas      black pepper (fresh ground if you have it)

2 cloves      garlic, finely minced

3/4 teas      red chili powder

3/4 teas      sea salt

2 cups         water

oil for frying (we used canola…gasp!)

Before we begin I should mention that these fries take 3 hours to set in the fridge before frying, if you are like me and sometimes leave things to the last-minute and then want it NOW, either make them the night before and fry the day you want them or do what I did and let the dough set in the freezer. I let them sit an hour and it worked fine.

1. Line baking pan with parchment paper (Saran wrap would work)

2. In a medium-sized bowl mix together all the dry ingredients and the garlic

3. Slowly stir in water and use a whisk to remove all lumps

4. Pour batter into a saucepan and cook over medium low heat. You have to whisk this constantly, you can not stop even for a minute. It should take about 8 minutes to thicken completely.

5. Once the batter is thick like a good thick porridge take it off and immediately spread it in your parchment lined pan. You want the batter to be 1/2 an inch thick.

6. Chill either in the fridge for at least 3 hours or how we discussed earlier. If they are not chilled throughly they will be hard to fry

Ok now for the frying, next time I make these I’m going to try baking them, I will let you know how they turn out.

7. Heat 1 1/2 inches of oil to about 360 degrees  over medium high heat. To test heat drop in a tester fry, it should start to fry up right away

8. Use a sharp knife to cut small rectangles for the fries. One by one, remove a single fry and gently drop it into the hot oil.

9. Cook until they are a golden brown on each side (about 4 mins or so). Place on paper or unpaper towels to absorb extra oil.

10. Sprinkle black pepper and chili powder or top with parsley. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce, we used honey greek yogurt mmmmm…..

These are delicious, even my steak and potato man gobbled them up. Making them with the kids was wonderful, obviously they didn’t help with the frying but they took that time to set the table. We served our chick pea fries with BBQ wild salmon kabob and I sliced fresh pineapple and skewered and grilled them as well. Delicious combo.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment with the results of your chick pea fries.


5 comments on “Chick Pea Fries

  • awesome! what are these ‘unpaper towels’ you speak of? i nevvvver have paper towels cuz it seems stupid, but there are def times (like with deep frying or making bacon) where i could use something!

  • Thanks Mariah they were!

    Dot: UNpaper towels are cloth towels made of either 2 layers of flannel, cotton or birds eye cotton. Some have snaps so you can snap hem together and wrap them around your papertowel rack. We use them for everything now. I get mine from a Courtenay girl called Scrinchables on facebook, very customizable:)

  • I made these and OMG YUM!! Next time I make them I’m going to add in some black olives in to the batch after I take it off the heat. There are so many different things you can do to the recipe! Thanks for posting.

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