Button Trees

Published July 18, 2012 by thespottedowl1

I have a quick second to sit here so I am going to tell you about one of my most favourite things to make…. Button Trees! There are so many possible colour combos and sizes, plus I find sorting buttons strangely calming and satisfying. I think I originally saw a friend on facebook do a post on button trees and as soon as I saw them I knew this was a craft for me! My friend now has a blog up and running where she does tons of button tutorials and other cool stuff too. You can find her here http://bustedbutton.com/ . Sun was a big help making the trees and Star liked playing with the buttons Sun was trying to sort. This is our first tree

I used wire that I stripped off a green fake flower stem, it was too thick and didn’t work so well. The best wire to use is a thin beading wire.

1. Fold wire in half and poke ends of wire through a hole in the button. I like using different size “tree trunk” buttons and making each tree look a little different.

2. Just keep adding buttons, gradually getting smaller

3. Add a “star” if you wish by just putting the wire through the same hole, separating the wires and tying them around themselves. Bring them up and tie them.

These trees made great Christmas gifts for family, friends and Suns kindergarten teacher. In July they are fun decorations in the play room and still make fun gifts for friends.

I had this tree filled, plus many more for gifts, by the end of december

Pulling out my buttons and sorting them to make trees has become a great way to unwind in the evening. Haha…never thought button art would do it for me….


FLASHBACK FRIDAY and it seemed like a good time. We just pulled out our wire tree and hung the button trees we have left. Im excited to get started making more of these to sell at craft fairs and to give to friends and family. Here are a few more pictures.

A button tree tree! Hehehehe.

One of my favourites!

I think this is Boy Wonders favourite tree as he kept trying to photobomb with it! I finally gave it, (and him), a moment to shine.

So there you have it! Pretty, little button trees. A craft that quickly becomes an obsession but is also fun for the kids and gives you a chance to talk about colours, patterns, sorting, counting, adding and subtracting and all the fun things that are bound to come up when you sit together as a family doing something other then watching TV chatting. Happy button tree making, check back on this post as ill update as we make more.



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