Window Autumn Tree

Published September 27, 2012 by thespottedowl1

I love, love, love this project. I believe I first got the idea from Play at Home mom but I couldnt find the exact post. I took washable childrens paint and painted a tree on our sliding glass door. I drew the outline and Sun helped fill it in. If you are thinking “nah, I cant paint a tree”, I highly suggest google searching “tree silhouettes”. Then just wing it, thats what I did. Here is our naked tree. Dont judge my art skills.


Weeks ago I picked up leaf shaped window clings from our local party store. I suspect you could also find them at walmart and the dollar stores. Here are my little lights decorating our autumn tree.


They LOVED it. I had to help Star unroll the clings and put them where she wanted. Sun made falling leaves and put leaves at the bottom of the tree. We talked about the leaf colours and the different kinds of leaves and what kind of trees they are from. Already the leaves have been moved around, I enjoy watching star trying to stick them on while im doing dishes. Star will sit and concentrate on flattening the leaf and pushing it on, sometimes she gets frustrated, I would too. This is how happy the tree makes her.


I have other activities planned for the tree, so check back soon and get tree painting!


2 comments on “Window Autumn Tree

  • What a great idea! Do you paint the tree on the outside of the sliding door so the paint doesn’t rub off as they are playing? It looks so pretty – you could do Spring trees, too, I guess or all seasons!

    • Thank you so much for commenting Sarah. I hope to do this tree for every season. I painted the tree on the inside of the door. None has rubbed off yet but there are some claw marks in a few branches from Star. Painting it on the outside is a great idea if your door is covered from the elements. Ours is not and when it rains the door does get very wet. Great suggestion though!

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