Stars 2nd birthday Elmo party

Published October 9, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Since her brother’s birthday in July all I heard was “me happy? me Elmo happy?”. My girl knew she had a birthday coming and all she wanted was an Elmo birthday party. After putting such a huge effort into Suns party, I knew there were some expectations from my girl.

The day arrived and my girl was thrilled by the decorations.

I stayed up late working on this one. The buttons are from the dollar store. The 2 is cut out of cardboard and painted red. I used a cold glue gun to make it last longest. Star has it on her dresser now, “my two?” she says.

This Elmo was given to Sun years ago for Christmas and he has a broken leg but he was an excellent table greeter.

The table before the food.

The streamers in the back I made by cutting circles from red, yellow and orange paper and then glueing them onto red ribbon. Simple, cheap and easy. We have even reused them by hanging them in the playroom doorway. The large crayons are piggy banks purchased from the dollar store, The book I got at winners. Made about 10 of the balloons with Elmo faces on them, even the boy was impressed with my handiwork. I made an Elmo face and hung it on the wall and we played “tape the nose to the Elmo”. The cake was chocolate with a large red 2 and we placed Elmo, cookie monster and count figures on it. Star was thoroughly impressed with her party and had a wonderful day playing with her family.



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