School Lunches and Toddler Snacks

Published October 10, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Sun is now in grade 1 and since he started preschool I have been trying to think of ways to make his lunch fun. This year I discovered bento style lunches and fun little accessories and although I am no master, I am truly having fun making these. So here are some of Sun and Stars lunches and snacks from this year, I hope to share more with you soon so please stay tuned. I would also love to see what you are making for your little one so please share pics on the Facebook page or link us to your blogs.

Cupcakes holders make a fun way to separate food and adds to the theme. Small cookie cutters can be found at most local dollar stores.

balloon, ring pop, dip containers and animals found on eBay. Inside the dip holders is plain yogurt.

cantaloupe cut with cookie cutters are always eaten. transporter almond butter and jam sandwiches. Dollar store FTW.

Silicon cups make great holders too.

Egg molds from eBay create fun eggs. First you boil an egg in salted water on medium, when the water boils turn the burner off. Egg is ready in 10 minutes. Place in cold water, crack and peel egg. Place in Mold. Put in fridge 10 minutes and then remove mold. I often send Suns to school in the mold, he likes to open it himself.

who wouldn’t want this in their lunch? silicone cupcake holders work great for jello too!

Served on a farmyard mat, this farmyard friends snack was shrieked over and then devoured by Star. The grass is from some sushi we had. The flowers and pony are pears. The bunnies are Organic Annie’s honey bunnies. The other bunny is a hardboiled egg. Now I am really starting to get into this! I actually enjoy making snacks and lunch, I don’t dread it. I don’t make these lunches every single day but a few times a week and I know that every day my Sun is looking forward to lunch time at school. I know he’s opening his lunch and thinking of us. When he gets off school he always tells me how much he liked it and what little stories he made up. I like to include notes for him that he can read but before he could read big words I would write I <;;3 U. These little special touches help me send my love to my boy while he's gone all day and I hope they do something warm and fuzzy for him too.

For this spooky toddler lunch I used various sized pumpkin shaped cookie cutters found again at the dollar store (such a handy place!). The cupcake holders I ordered off eBay but I saw some super cute ones at the dollar store and at Winners. I added little ghost, bat, pumpkin and black cat shaped sprinkles that I got from my grocery store (thrifty foods). This was a fun touch that Star loved. We will use all of these things again when we make Halloween cookies.

Cauliflower with vanilla yogurt dip, pistachios, tuna casserole, sugar cookie that the kids helped make.

Left over Thanksgiving dinner for Star. Brown sugar, maple syrup yams, bourison mashed potatoes, carrots and cinnamon baked chick peas (recipe to come). I have her a sunflower cloth napkin to go with this and she was thrilled about folding and unfolding and using her napkin. After lunch we coloured a picture on the paper with her version of pumpkins and bats. This spoon is from

I squeezed lemon on the apples to keep them from browning. Even though these lunches may not have the most exciting ingredients by the few little touches we’ve gone from half eaten and untouched lunches to lunch boxes coming home empty. If you have a picky eater using a cookie cutter to make shapes or a toothpick to make a kebab will make any child or toddler eat. It doesn’t take very much longer to make these and I do them while the children are eating breakfast. Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon, will be up again soon with new products and new looks including Green Line diapers stocking soon. Find us on facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Happy snack making!

pumpkin spice muffin, vegetable pasta and spooky sprinkles make this lunch fit to be gobbled.

Adding todays lunch from a fairly bare cupboard…

Local apple butter and cashew nut butter sandwich shaped like pumpkins. Cucumbers again shaped like pumpkins. Red pepper (orange) hummus for dip and chips. Halloween sprinkle for fun.

Off to the grocery store for us!

October 19:
A day off school was a busy but totally relaxing day for us. We filled it with Halloween sensory bins, Halloween books, dog walking and racing through the trees while they shake off their leaves. The kids watched Halloween cartoons (Dora and Garfield) and helped make spooky lunches. Spooky pizzas with mushrooms, kale, olives, pineapple, tomato sauce, cheese and naan bread as a shell. Sun drew up his design on paper first and then in his bread. While the pizzas cooked the kids watched Dora and I finished up apple pumpkins and faces, spider eggs (pomegranate), bat cheese and a pumpkin orange. The kids devoured their meals even though they were quite large. Ok… So I had a few pieces of stars pizza and mmmmm so good with the naan bread!! We used orange paper as a placemat and after lunch, while I cleaned up, the kids made Halloween pictures on the paper with foam stickers.


Suns spooky pizza face

Stars lunch.

Suns lunch

Spider eggs

Pumpkin orange


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