Toddler approved Halloween crafts

Published October 15, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Cooking dinner can be a nearly impossible task with a toddler who is tired and hungry and just wants to cry. She’s already watched a cartoon or two but you just need a few minutes to get those veggies cut. Here are a couple crafts that are easy to prep and lay out and for them to do themselves and if you have an older, (sun is 6), they have fun too.

Construction paper pumpkins:
Precut pumpkin shapes in different sizes
Precut jack o lantern shapes

I did traditional triangle and face shape cut outs for star and sun cut his own. I put the pieces on the table with a glue stick for each and scissors for sun. Sun helped Star a little with her shape placement, I think. In this time dinner was prepped and there was quiet. Both pumpkins are now taped up under our autumn tree which can be found in an earlier post.



Foam stickers and shapes:
Foam stickers and shapes can be found (once again) at the dollar store and at Walmart and micheals and any other craft supply store. My toddler really enjoys working with stickers but has a hard time with most sticker peeling and taking the backs off. However, the foam ones se can do all by herself so this is a great one for when you need a few mintutes and nothing else is working. It is also a fun one to sit and do with them. Halloween is the theme right now and star says “hawwoween, hawwoween!” And today she decorated a “bitsy bitsy pider”. A few days ago we threw a surprise 30th birthday party for my B and star made a fun Halloween foam picture frame. For fun sun made a door hanger. I’m telling you, these foam stickers are golden.







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