Halloween Rice Sensory Bins

Published October 26, 2012 by thespottedowl1

For our Halloween sensory bin, I bought Halloween toys from the dollar store and re dyed our rainbow rice. See how to dye rice here https://thespottedowl1.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/rainbow-rice-6/ and another of our sensory bins here https://thespottedowl1.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/rice-bin/

This time I made two bins as I anticipated that both sun and star would want their own and the dollar store toys came in multiples. I added little pumpkins, acorns, spoons, toilet paper rolls, tongs, popcorn as eggs. Pasta added a neat effect in the purple bin. Sun got the skeleton in his which led to a discussion about bones and I’m sure we will use this one in a future human body bin. I made each bin the same but slightly different to suit each child.

dogface (Sensa) was very interested in what we were doing

catface (luongo) also came to visit

Have some tea mommy

We even tuckered out the dog

Sty tuned to see how we take these dollar store toys and have a fun Halloween bath!






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