Felt Christmas Tree

Published November 22, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Im sure some of you have seen the triangular felt Christmas tree going around on Pinterest, this is like that…but mine…and better.

Real live Christmas trees are so special to me. I remember being pulled in the wagon into the woods to pick and cut a tree when I was three. I remember every year after the hunt for the perfect tree. When I had just turned six we spent Christmas in Guatemala, where (of course) there were no pine trees. My mom knew what to do, as she always did and does. We created a paper Christmas tree and sat under it to open our gifts. It was magical and I remember every detail all these years later. We didnt need a real tree, it was all about decorating with my mom.

There will be a real tree this year and Im already excited about picking it out! We have weeks to wait for that. So, every year we have little ways we decorate a tree. In the past we’ve decorated our wooden Thomas the tank track sets, shed and trees with paper lights taped to string and little paper ornaments. Last year we made a mini felt christmas tree for our felt board, its about 6 inches. This year we made a couple foot tall felt tree for the wall and the kids redecorate it a few times a day.

First we went to walmart and purchased a large piece of felt for about $5. The smaller pieces used for ornaments were purchased at the dollar store and we had them around already.

I folded the felt in half and laid it out on the floor, using a light coloured crayon I traced my tree. Chalk would have worked better.

Took me a few time before I was happy with the branches, but once I was I cut it out.

Time to see if it actually turned out…

Its not perfect and I love it!

This was all that was accomplished the first night of tree making but starting the next night it was ornament time. I freehanded my lovely star as well as the hangy ornament/ lights ?, used cups to trace out ball ornaments and used cookie cutters to trace a few other shapes.

I hung the tree by attaching velcro hook tabs to the wall. The velcro sticks to the felt and allows for easy removal.

just a few ornaments and decorated by Little Star (Alina age 2)

It was missing a little something and buttons are usually the answer. Once again they impressed me! Star picked out the buttons and I attached velcro pieces to the backs of the buttons. The velcro was purchased at walmart and came in tabs. I cut the hook part of each tab into 4 and stuck them to the buttons. I love the little touch the buttons add. Sun, (Aiden age 6), decorated a beautiful tree last night.

We added the shiny thing and the candy cane today, as well as Stars favourite foam stickers. The kids have been drawing little presents to hide behind the felt, not sure which one thought of it but I love the idea!

There you have it, thanks for taking the time to stop by and come back again soon!


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