Published November 25, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Growing up it became tradition in our house to write the name of each pet or guest on a glass ball. Every year as we decorate the tree we share wonderful memories of all the pets and past special guests. This year it will be a special moment when we hang up the ornament for my moms dog kayla who passed away this year at the age of 17.

Tonight the kids, B and I made some ornaments. We used empty glass ornament balls I found at the thrift store but are sold at micheals and online. Maybe this will be our little tradition, although I know we will also do names.
Here is what we did tonight.


Star and daddy filled one with Pom poms.


Others we filled with food colouring dyed Epsom salts, plain Epsom salts, cookie sprinkles, sparkles and buttons.

One of them is an “eye spy” ball with a few of each things. Can you find the holly?


We used a handmade paper funnel to get the Epsom salts in the balls.



This was so much fun and I’m really going to stock up on balls for next year. We’ve saved 2 and I would like to do one with Suns list for Santa with the year on the ball. The other we will probably fill with tinsel. Ill update this post when those are done.



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