Tea for two and sometimes three or how to make play kitchen tea bags

Published November 30, 2012 by thespottedowl1

how to make a pretend tea bag

Littlestar and I love to play tea. Often my little one runs off and makes me a concoction of whatever she can find. I gave her some old tea bags to use and after one day they were ripped open and spread around. Not my best idea. The solution? I used scraps from my exclusive prints of Green Line Diapers to create cloth tea bags. The diapers can be found here http://www.thespottedowl.ca/greenline-diaper-covers.html I havent sewn anything with a needle and thread since I was a little girl and I used to sew my moms face cloths together. Ive only used a machine a few times when I made hideous-can not be shown- cloth wipes for my daughter. So if I can make these, you can too!  I folded the scrap in half and cut a rough tea bag shape out. Starting at the bottom, I simply sewed half way around the tea bag. I folded up a piece of fabric and put it inside to give the tea bag a little weight and to feel like tea. When I make some more im going to add a little tea in the middle for the smell but I know at some point she will put them in water and ruin them. So for now fabric and perhaps a few drops of essential oil. After placing the fabric inside, I tied a few knots t the end of a 5″‘ ish piece of wool (yarn?) and put it inside the rolled up fabric and sticking out the top. I made sure to sew around and over and through the wool a few times and then continued to sew up the tea bag. I cut out a different piece of fabric to use for the tag of the tea bag and followed the same steps as before, without the fabric inside. Very simple and I love the way they turned out. Of this project I am super proud and it is going to be difficult not giving them to Little Alina Star before Christmas.

make a beautiful tea party tea bagtea party bags

They are a little rough around the edges but I kind of like them like that.

tea party bags


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