Paint swatch tree garland

Published December 3, 2012 by thespottedowl1

Another perfectly imperfect project done by me! I originally saw a similar idea on Pinterest where people were making gift tags out of paint swatches. Paint swatches are those free paint cards at the hardware store that tells you the colours of the paints and has them in shades that match. Every time I went to Canadian Tire and Home Depot I picked up a few green paint swatch cards. I used a christmas tree cookie cutter to trace around the tree shape and cut them all out. I could have lined up the cookie cutter a little better, some of the trees are a little off, but if you read my blog you know most of my projects are like this.


After cutting them out I tied a string to our coffee table leg to hold it and I laid out the colour pattern I wanted. I taped each tree to the string about 4-5″ apart. If I were going to hang this not against a wall I would glue another tree to the back of each tree. This would make a great garland for around a tree or hanging in an entranceway. We hung ours in the living room and it stretches all the way to our dining room/kitchen. Using the double trees glued with a piece of yarn between them would make cute ornaments and I think we will tackle that later this month.

paint swatch garland

So Simple, free and fun! I’ve take a few more paint swatches to make either a ginger bread man garland or a star one for my Little Stars room. Using one of those big paper punches you get from craft stores would be really cool. I hope to pick up a few of those next time im near a Micheals. Oh and even though I made this perfectly imperfect garland it would be a great activity for a kindergartener. Tracing, cutting and then creating a pattern. Also seeing the different shades of one colour and the great conversation you can have about that and what shades of different colours you and your child see around you or can name. I always welcome the chance to discuss these sorts of things. Create that love for learning and really seeing more in the world.

cookie cutter paint swatch garland


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