Published December 6, 2012 by thespottedowl1

a little update on how our advent adventures are going

The Spotted Owl

Remember those wonderful chocolate advent calendars you had growing up. They were fun, but kind of boring right? You were so excited to wake up and bust the window open just to find yet another piece of stale chocolate probably from 5 years ago. I knew when I had kids I wanted to celebrate the countdown to christmas but I wasnt sure how. My Sun for the past 2 years has gotten a Playmobil advent calendar. First the stable then santas workshop, beautiful sets with fun pieces to add to our growing collection of Playmobil. Now that little Star is 2 its time for her to join our countdown, there was no way I was purchasing 2 Playmobil calendars. I thought of making our own with little toys but again didn’t want 48 junky, random toys around. Browsing Pinterest I found some really neat ideas for building your own calendar. Using gifts tags…

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