Winter Fairy Garden

Published December 6, 2012 by thespottedowl1

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Fairies are very much alive in our house this season. We built a fairy garden outside this spring, , but I didn’t expect us to have a winter one too. It all started when I traded a Green Line Diaper to a wonderful vendor at a craft fair we attended together. For this diaper and I believe a reusable sandwich bag, which can both be found at my website, I brought home a beautiful and magical fairy door! I searched through her rows and rows of doors and stopped when my hands touched this one. It is perfect. Little bell at the top, beautiful detail for the door handle. When we got it home I wasnt sure where to set it up but the kids really wanted to touch it and play with it so after they ran around the house with it a few times I placed it tall window in our kitchen/ dining room. I told them I was looking for a better spot for it but I started to notice little bits being added to the area. A button in front of the door, a few coins. These, I was told, are “because fairies like shiny things”. I saw Sun and Star sitting there carefully spreading and shaking red sparkles all over the ledge in a little gnomes paint pot. When I asked Sun “why the sparkles?” he very innocently said “we were trying to make it magical.” The next day sun moved our outdoor fairy garden inside and they both like to sit down and play. A few new gnome and fairy friends have stopped by so they had to add more accomodations. The bell banner and decoration made by Star are the This has developed in a surprising and magical way for all of us. The maker of the door is Wee Folk Designs and we bought a gnome hat for Star from her at the Christmas Craft Fair we attended, . Lovely stuff from an even lovelier family.

Cant get these photos to post in the right order… ill work on that.


This beautiful mushroom house was created and felted by Penguin and Owl acres. Hours of work and love poured into this beautiful home. The details of the little stairs, flower box, flowers and the sweet chimney make this little home magical. We have little pegdoll figures that fit it perfect and I made a snail family out of pipecleaners. Here you can see our mermaid and fairy and little wooden toadstools. These were all made by kristen at Ill post a little picture with our peg family she made us as well as a custom matryoshka doll peg doll necklace and Snow White peg doll for my obsessed Star.
Find penguin and owl acres on Facebook and on etsy at


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