Banana snack

Published January 5, 2013 by thespottedowl1

Wow feels like I’ve been away from the blog forever! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It really was perfect. Our dogs first Christmas, Star is 2 and really gets it, Sun got a 5 piece drum set but best of all we made the kids a kitchen out of my old night table and painted our playroom with magnetic and chalk board paint! Hours of fun and a post ill get to in the future.

Mmm today’s post is a fun, healthy snack that you may just eat before they make it to your children!

Peel 1 banana per child (or adult)
Spread honey all over banana
Spread peanut butter on banana
Sprinkle or roll banana in granola

So simple.
So delicious.

I have seen a variation of this snack with just peanut butter and using Rice Krispies instead of granola.

I only had one banana so my kids had to share! They finished their plates and immediately requested that we leave for the grocery store. Star says “drifty shoup? Drifty shoup?” Which to all who know her means “thrifty foods? Thrifty foods?” My girl loves to eat and to shop.



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