School lunches and toddler snacks part 3

Published January 26, 2013 by thespottedowl1


Blood oranges make a fun and different snack. Avocado hummus is a delicious, healthy snack and because it is green even the pickiest little monster will eat it! Carving lightly into a banana is a great way to show your little one you are thinking about them. My Sun liked this so much he brought it home in his lunchbox “so he could hang it in his room”, that didn’t really work out for him. Ill add to this post so keep
checking back.

Today’s lunch includes the easy hashbrown and egg muffin (found in previous post), maple beans, popcorn, golden raisins, organic nacho chips and hummus.

Smoked salmon salad roll, sweet chili sauce, cucumber, strawberries and almonds…. Mmmmm

When ever a food is skewered my kids eat it right up so for this lunch I skewered cheese and pickles and added some crackers. Organic tortilla chips which are blue and funky looking. Hummus is a great way to add protein. These peaches were canned this summer by a friend of ours and are sweet and delicious. The little mat is made by jillybean creations and hold a napkin and utensils. The bamboo utensil set is made by the wonderful WAHM behind White-o-coccoli. Mmmm another wonderful lunch that is healthy but will be eaten down to the last pickle.



2 comments on “School lunches and toddler snacks part 3

  • Interested in your maple beans recipe. My husband and I now care for our grandchildren during the week and we are trying to send them off McD’ s and processed foods. They LOVE beans so this should go well.

    I am also anxious to make some pretend tea bags for Christmas presents.

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