Matryoshka doll

Published March 1, 2013 by thespottedowl1

I have a problem. I love fabric. Ive known about my love for a long time but never knew what to do about it. Then I cloth diapered my daughter and satisfied my fabric need with every cute print I could find. This ended up in over 100 diapers for one kid… Well not I’ve taken up sewing! Finally I can buy fabric and find a use for it! I purchased some beautiful matryoshka doll fabric, Robert Kaufman Fabric Little Kukla Matryoshka Dolls in color Retro, months before I started learning to sew. I’ve been doing little projects with it like covering this canvas. Here is another project I did, little dolls. My daughter has added them to her doll house and often brings one to bed.

These dolls were simple to make. i started by cutting around two dolls from the fabric. I faced the dolls print toward each other, pinned and trimmed then hand stitched around. Leaving the bottom open for stuffing. After turning it right side out I used some orange essential oil to scent the fluff, stuffed and sewed little dolly up. One doll I left the white exposed and one I sewed much smaller with no trim. I prefer the look of the one with white trim.

20130225-215800.jpg I plan on making more of these for friends and once my sewing gets better, to sell. They are great in the dollhouse or tucked into a pocket or purse. I did a different doll on each side so each doll is like two dolls… Whoo hoo! Little star loves them and I love this fabric, I may have another colour way and all the co ordinates on the way…… Hmmm… Quilt? I should share the progress of my very first quilt, I’m stuck at the sashing but am impressed I’ve made it this far. Another day, another post.



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