Chalk egg pictures

Published March 3, 2013 by thespottedowl1

February was a rough month around our house with both children getting the flu, then me, and then both children got colds again. The whole month was filled with sick. March has sprung and with it spring. The children are still sick but on the mend, it felt wonderful to get outside and soak in the rays. Since they are so chest sick the park or a walk weren’t in order so instead we did a craft on the porch in the sun. I needed to set something quick and easy up, a quick scan of Pinterest and I found a craft. Being that it was quick and so simple I didn’t pin it and now can’t find it to give props to, ill keep looking and add the link when I find it.

First I cut out eggs from paper, the original poster suggested card stock which would have worked better for the toddler who had a hard time with the water ripping the paper. Then Sun and I each used washi tape to make lines across the eggs. We laid it down lightly so that it would be easy to take off. Then we dipped our chalk in a dish of water and coloured our eggs using wet chalk. This created a really water colour type affect and it looks really neat dry.






After finishing the one we worked on together Star did not want to take the tape off so one remains striped with matryoshka doll washi tape. I like her style.

After finishing our eggs we planted the bottom of our celery, wondering if this trick really will get us new celery for our garden this year.

This was our sunset tonight.

Hopefully this cold passes and the little ones stay healthy, spring is coming and we have so much to look forward to.



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