March lunches and snacks

Published March 6, 2013 by thespottedowl1

I love packing lunches for my Sun. I never used to, then I sat down and really thought about the things I would want in my lunch and what would be exciting and not want to make me throw out or trade food. Lunch is now fun. I’ve posted about it a few times first here, then here, and here. When packing a lunch I try to think vegetable, fruit, protein sometimes dairy. He sits for recess snack and his lunch and talks to classmates so the food needs to be simple enough to eat while chatting and fun enough that he wants to eat it instead of talking. Here are a few lunches so far this month

Hummus and pita, grapes, yogurt and chocolate covered raisins, popcorn, almonds, cheese, pickles and crackers. He came home with a few almonds left.

I forgot to take a picture of today’s snack but it was frozen grapes, granola with chocolate chips, Annie’s organic cheddar bunny crackers and a small green salad with carrots and cucumber. Seen in the pic is the opened up pesto sandwich. We had pesto pasta last night and sun was crazy about it so this is a nice treat. The last thing is a hard boiled egg placed in the mold. I actually send them to school in the mold because he likes to open them.


Today’s lunch included chick pea Chana masala that we had for dinner last night with brown rice. Mmmm. My son requested this be out in his lunch.

I added oranges, yogurt covered raisins, cheddar bunnies and Nutella on celery sticks. Usually we would do hazelnut butter but daddy wanted a treat and bought Nutella.
Check back soon as I will add more lunches, and perhaps some toddler snacks, almost daily.

Trail mix, raspberries, blueberries, baby corn and dip, Popcorn and a wrap make this lunch complete.

Little stars lunch today is yummy. Blueberries, strawberry Greek yogurt with hemp hearts on top, a chick pea Chana masala wrap with hummus, cheese and pickles.



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