Scrap fabric and paper Easter eggs

Published March 6, 2013 by thespottedowl1

Using modge podge, plastic eggs, scrap fabric, pages from a book and some sparkles I made some really neat Easter eggs. The first one was for my daughter who loves Snow White. Smaller pieces of fabric work best and be more careful then I was to smooth down the pieces. Star helped pick out all the different fabrics and even did some of the cutting and gluing.

When I put the modge podge on it is very cloudy and gluey looking, when it dries it goes shiny. You can get a non glossy kind as well.



Adding a fine glitter to the book egg made it really look finished. The book, by the way, is the Silmarilion by J.R.R Tolkien

Had to throw in some matryoshka dolls, they remind me of Easter and the Ukrainian Easter eggs. Here they are in their little nest, going to have to make something a little cuter I think.

Oops, forgot one!

Happy egg making!


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