We love lunch!

Published April 4, 2013 by thespottedowl1

I keep posting lunches all over the place.. I think maybe ill try to keep them here for awhile.

This was Suns lunch today

Hummus, sushi, yogurt and chocolate all in one lunch?! Yes and he devoured it all.

Stars lunch was a long the same lines but I had a little fun with the layout

Hummus, pita, sushi, cheese, rice and salmon candy make up most of her lunch. I was surprised how fast she ate this one, I was lucky I got a picture! Come back soon to see some more fun lunch ideas.

A little angel food cake, strawberries, whip cream and sprinkles was a fun treat.

Brown rice, chicken breast, yogurt, popcorn, pineapples and cheese were all received well.

Hummus and pita, roasted chick oeas

Brown rice, scrambled eggs as broccoli, yogurt, and chocolate pudding with strawberries.
We recently tried almond yogurt and the kids love it.
here is a toddler lunch with a ginger tuna cheese wrap, apricot logs and strawberries dipped in peanut butter and sprinkles.


If you would like to see my other posts about lunches the easiest way to view them is to go to the search and type “lunches”. Thanks and come back soon!

Fig newtons, cheddar bunnies, dried apricots, salmon candy, BBQ peanuts, heirloom carrots and snap peas with a vanilla yogurt dip. Not pictured is the peanut butter and jam sandwich he also took.

Black Forest ham sandwich, cucumbers, dill dip, bunny crackers, Greek yogurt and a honey stick. Today a special treat…. A juice box!

This was our bedtime snack tonight


Hummus and naan, cucumbers and heirloom carrots with dip, veggie straws, apricot and coconut logs and a clover honey stick make up today’s lunch and snack.



Lunches this June

My attempt at a sushi caterpillar with sea weed for eye and mouth and celery tops for antennae.

Served with pistachios and raspberries.

We are super lucky to be able to serve nuts and nut butters at my sons school I know many other who can not. If you can not I have heard a product called wow butter is an excellent substitute.

A turkey sandwich, yogurt, cucumber, dip, dark chocolate, pineapple and apricot logs.


The honey stick is a nice treat

20130612-190030.jpg yogurt covered pretzels are a favourite right now. School year is almost over but stayed tuned for fun summer snacks and a return to school lunches in the fall. Ill be keeping my red open for sandwich stamps this summer. I would love to see links to your own lunch ideas because new inspiration is always welcome.



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