Baked Beet Fries

Published June 18, 2013 by thespottedowl1

Going to make these again today. Mmmmm!

The Spotted Owl

Over the last year and especially over the last few months, my family has really changed the way we eat and the foods we eat. No more fast food (except the occasional trip to Tim Hortons), no more processed foods, mostly local, organic and in season. We have drastically cut our meat intake, probably only eating it a few times a week. Star doesnt eat meat at all, except fish, and I eat very little. We have majorly cut our dairy intake and in doing so B and our Suns rashes behind their arms have almost gone away. We have always watched the sugar intake. So in cutting these things and changing our diets to a mostly fruit, bean and vegetable diet, I have been experimenting with new recipes and different ways of cooking vegetables and proteins other than meat. Pinterest has been a fantastic source for many of our…

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