A thoughtful spot bean house update

Published September 7, 2013 by thespottedowl1

Gardening, something I aspire to be better at and try for every year. Most years my flowers shrivel and our veggies die after producing small, inedible crops. This year things are going to be different. This year we are going to eat our veggies and my flowers are large and strong. Im paying attention. Im fertilizing and watering. We have veggie beds grown from seeds, blueberries, raspberries and a wonderful bean house.

After seeing pictures of other peoples bean tubes and tee pees I knew I wanted a living playhouse for my Sun and Star. My brother in law has done some landscaping and was staying with us so I brought him in on the project. I showed him a few pictures and told him about the size I wanted. I suggested we pick up some sort of pole to support veggies but he had the brilliant idea of using branches from a tree in our yard. I dont know what kind of tree it is but it has fuzzy branches that were over grown and soft to cut. I dug a 3′ circle in our over grown “garden”. The soil in that area was worked at one time and wasent to hard to work in. My brother in law Jordan, placed the branches around my circle and added some more branches for support. The tee pee poles are approximately 4′. We used a twine to wind around the branches for both support and for the beans to climb up. Inside he used stones from our garden to create a bench, a terrific spot to sit and read a book.


My Star played music for us and sang every song in her repertoire.

My Sun practiced his climbing

He did some digging too.

Beginning to come together!

Climbing and Posing

My Sun and Star. My Loves.

Our Bean house waiting to be planted. We selected organic beans that can be eaten straight off the plant. Sounds like it takes 60-70 days to be full grown which will take us to around the beginning of august. We planted the seeds about 5cmm apart to get very full, thick walls for the house. I will make sure to keep you all posted on the progression of growth. This is something I hope we cant plant around every year and maybe extend it a little, it would be very neat to have a tunnel coming out the back! Let me know what you think and share pictures of your own bean houses, I would love to see them! Remember….If I can plant, craft, cook and sew… so can you!


our house has been growing over the summer, first slowly and now it’s filled in with green. Here it is one month ago



Now it looks like this


Little spots are magical




The kids squealed in delight over the size of the gigantic beans hanging down all over the house and we brought in large haul for dinner. This project will be copied next year and believe we will add a tunnel. Thanks for joining, I would love to see pictures of your bean house or pole bean ideas


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