It all started with a mozza stick….

Published December 27, 2016 by thespottedowl1

A mozza stick and an idea. A knowledge that there are people out there just like me. Good people who love mozza sticks and extra cream in their tea. We know they are bad but they taste so good! So while munching a mozza stick and thinking about my upcoming body transformation, due to start in under a week, I decided it was time to blog again. Not solely about my kids or crafts but about being a regular girl who wants to be her best self. Sometimes we have this picture of who we are and then that gets rattled a little and we find that that person has been lost or perhaps never fully existed. It’s up to us to bring that person back to life, To become the “me” we want to be. So this is it, it’s time. Come join me on a journey of self rediscovery, highs and lows while I fight to become the best me I can while working to overcome all the insecurities an overweight, almost middle aged, homeschooling mom who never quite grew up has. 

A friend of mine who blogs at has been a wonderful guiding force in helping me create change. We started running last year, and it was not easy. We went slow and worked our way up until I was doing 5km without a break. This was huge for me! I would never have considered myself a runner but to watch my progress and how it made me feel was inspiring me to keep going. We had a goal of 3 5km races and we did them all. First the colour run, then the goddess run, finishing up with a foam run and obstacles. Amazing. I felt like a rockstar then it crashed down. I managed to injure myself with a stress fracture and plantar fasciitis and after months of pain and limping I gave up hard. All progress has been lost and I’ve gained weight and lost muscle. This experience has taught me so much, mostly the importance of new and supportive footwear, but also that I can do this. I really can. I can set a goal and reach it. It also proved to me the importance of exercise and how it changes ones mindset. 

I’m ready again. Let’s do this. Join me and tell me how you are making positive changes in your life to be the best you. 

In less than a week I start a 14 week transformation with a personal trainer. She’s given me a gym workout, cardio workout, and a meal plan. I’ve never done anything this hardcore before and I’m scared as hell but I know that if I work my butt off then I will literally work my butt off and I’m so ready. The trainer will support me and my friend Mariah from Pulse, and who pushed me to do this, is also doing it. We will be supporting each other and kicking ass together. What started with a mozza stick will either end that way or be the beginning of a more complete me. Thanks for joining my journey, let’s keep each other going. 


One comment on “It all started with a mozza stick….

  • I love it! Great post and I’m excited to both read about and be a part of your journey….and maybe even start blogging again. 😉 Here’s to 2017!

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