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Homeschooling week 2: The Moon

Published September 19, 2013 by thespottedowl1

Homeschooling week two went incredibly well. It was very tiring with all the activities starting and just keeping on schedule. We did the moon. Wow, I learned a lot of things. I know that the large flat spots are called Maria- or seas. I learned the names of all the phases of the moon, I learned it would take 130 days to get to the moon by car, I learned more this past week about the moon then I have ever known. I also learned a little more about my Sun and how he and we work. Lets just say he is incredible. I can say that, I’m his mom. Really, he had the phases, orbit, and everything else down right away, on the last day I was still referring to my flip book. I feel so lucky to be doing this, and to be his mom.

Every morning, and a few times a day, we listened to this song to get us in the mood, or to help change things up. Moving from one activity or subject to the next. For a brain break, if you will. . I keep finding my self whistling it.

We kept a loose schedule as new activities such as soccer, hip hop and swimming started this week, as well as classes for Little Star. The mornings included help with breakfast (moon themed with “eclipse eggs” and “crater ‘cakes”), journal time, swimming, nature walks and class time.


Here is a rough rundown of what we did. I am going to try to record everyday atleast some of what we do so I have it to look back on. Our days include so much more with all the little talks we have about everything, the talks we tie into the subjects we are working on, daily interactions. This gives you and I little idea of what we get done, there is actually a little missing as we touched on orbit a lot and did some charts and tables and a few online math games.



Sun created this moon chart for recording the moon everynight for a week. He started on monday, ended sunday, but has still been watching it every night since. Last night was the Harvest Full moon and international Observe the Moon Day. Fun.


Here is our crater experiment, flour on a pizza pan and marbles. Before we did it we talked about what we thought would happen and after we talked about how the different speeds and sizes of the marbles made a difference in what the crater looked like. We watched a video of an asteroid hitting the moon earlier this year, so fascinating.



Big craters make cones in the middle and spread moon dust. I was happy that Little Star was out with daddy for this experiment, we could really take our time and discuss the results.

We talked about orbit and did a sun, moon, earth eclipse experiment outside using our bodies and the sun. I drew a cresent moon and asked Sun to write adjectives about the moon inside the moon. This is after talking about verbs, adjectives, and nouns. Sun did different space related worksheets I found mostly on Enchanted Learning,
We played with base ten blocks to do time it would take different vehicles to get to the moon, read moon books (Papa Please get the moon for me by Eric Carle is our favourite moon book) and just went moon crazy! The main writing project for the week was “If I lived on the moon” A short paragraph and a picture. Sun started on monday with a rough copy and worked on it a little everyday with a good copy done on Friday and instead of a picture he used Lego to build his space car.

The Phases of the moon book and my moon book I found on this site
My Sun loved cutting the books out himself and using the stapler to put them together. The simple things. My star loved colouring them. They are free printouts and I recommend them for at least up to grade 2, maybe 3.

We used black construction paper, folded lengthwise, then the top piece cut into 8 “doors” to make a flip book. With white crayon we drew the phases in then wrote the name inside.

A family friend has offered to take Sun every week for a gardening (when applicable), and woodwork. This week they designed and built a hat hanger. We are very lucky to have these people helping round out our Suns education and give him different experiences.

Our week ended with a visit from a friend we havent seen in awhile who is also homeschooling. They played and socialized 😉 then got down to business… Oreo cookie phases of the moon! Taking the tops off of 8 cookies each the kids snacked and cut.


I think this was the kids’ second time having Oreos so this was a huge treat and a great learning tool. The kids used butter knives to cut the shapes out. Sun did his without having to ask what the shapes looked like. I am confident he learned as much, if not more then me, this week about the moon. More importantly we learned about each other, and ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to join our journey, please check back again and come follow on pinterest where you can get a sneak peak at some of the activities we will be doing as I start pinning things like crazy!

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