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First year adventures in homeschooling

Published September 5, 2013 by thespottedowl1

I feel like it has been years since I last posted, rather then give you a run down in one post of our goings on ill touch on it in a few posts.

We did it, we took the leap, we chose homeschooling for our family. Yay! While I am super nervous about finding our groove and being “mom enough”, I am also over the moon excited to be on this journey. My Sun is in grade two this year and has loved school since he started preschool at age 4. The way he is tackling our first days of homeschool really makes me motivated for this next school year. One thing I only sort of considered when deciding on this path was that we also have a newly turned 3 year old who is also ready for some preschool type work. Already we have been touching on colours, counting, alphabet, dividing beads into colours and art of course. Oooh this is going to be so much fun!

Here are Sun and Star are on the first day of school



This is our playroom/ classroom all ready to go


The focus for our family is really enforcing a love of learning and seeing the possibilities to do so all around you. Explore your world and let it teach you. Our mornings start off with Sun getting up around 7, making his bed and then quietly playing while waiting for the rest of the family to be up. Often Papa Bear is up at this time or leaving on a roofing job. Little Star and I are not at our best in the early morning and are up at 7:45. I know my own rhythm and hers as well and if we wake any earlier we are like active volcanos, always ready to explode. Anyways, then we all get dressed and make breakfast together. Sun reads recipes, gets out all the ingredients, shares measuring turns with his sister and tells me how to cook it. I really enjoy watching his confidence in his abilities grow each time he eats his own creation. He has been helping me learn to cook since he could stand and this too has been a wonderful journey. Adding the little sister factor has been an excellent multiple stage lesson in patience. We may not end up cooking every day, because really sometimes you just want cereal, but Sun already inormed me that I may some days wake up to a surprise breakfast. I have images of cereal with huge glasses of orange juice, slightly over buttered toast and some lovely fruit being shoved at me at 7:15 am and I know it will be one of those times I will have to take a breath and not worry about the crumbs, spilt juice or early morning wake up and smile my warmest smile and kiss my kids. That is what being a mom is all about. Back to the whole homeschooling thing though my point is that we are trying to keep a schedule, we are only 2 days in but I can see that this is really working. My son loves a schedule. He loves to know exactly what we are going to do all day, he thrives on that. The kids are working super well together, the only tv in two days was the movie “Epic” after dinner tonight, which the littlest one didnt even watch. We folded laundry together, tidied the classroom and got ready for bed. Here are some of the things I recorded that Sun worked on the last couple days


Being as we havent “officially” started yet we are not following a theme this week and are just working on getting the schedule down. Our day looks like this


oops, there’s a peek at our themes for this year. You should go check out my friend Nat’s blog, it was her post that got me thinking themes again and it really helped me realize i needed to write this all out and plan. Her blog is here

Here is the rest of our list


Right now we are on week 1 “organization”, that really means “getting on a schedule and wrapping our heads around this.” I know this is a rough and that it may get abandoned or we may make some detours or change weeks around but it feels good to know that I have something written up to help with planning for the next week of school. I hope to take an hour or more every sunday to make up the weeks lesson plans and worksheets. Each days work is separated into different folders to make it easier on Sun to be independent and work on his own while I help Little Star. I hope to put some sensory bins together to go along with various themes and I look forward to experiments. So, there you have it, I havent done this before and this is all very new, I do not know if I am on the right track but if im not I am certainly open to changing things up in whatever way we need. This is a new, happy challenge in our life that I am ready to take on. Bring it.
I just thought of how we are working with our piggy bank coins, doing apple prints and a balloon experiment tomorrow! Yay! Happy friday!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our little family’s adventures. If you found me because of the school lunch posts, have no fear I plan on still doing a bento here and there for picnics, trips or just for fun at home. I hope to continue to blog about our homeschool experiences to help keep a journal of it all for myself, come back often to see if I completely bombed see how our journey is going, find some recipes, check out our slightly wonky crafts and just join this mom on this trip through life.


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