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Dinosaur Birthday Party

Published August 27, 2012 by thespottedowl1

At the end of July my Sun turned 6 and spent the day camping with his father and some of our friends. This short break gave me some time to finish off the details of a dinosaur birthday party I had been thinking about for weeks. Of course Sun wanted the theme to be a surprise so I had to do all my shopping and crafting in secret. Most of the supplies came from my local dollar store. I have to tell you, crafting does not come easy to me. My lines are always crooked and the result is never perfect like I want it to be, but the point is that I try. I try really, really hard. Most of the ideas for the party I found on Pinterest, this is how I pulled them all together.

Footsteps leading to our house helped set the scene.

To make the footprints I googled “dinosaur footprint images”, copied and pasted to Microsoft Word, made them larger and printed them.  I traced the prints on brown construction paper and cut them all out. My friend taped them to the drive way for me.

12 Children ranging in ages from 1.5-8  and their parents attended our little shin-dig. It was hard to do organized play so I set up stations for the kids to play at as they pleased.

There was:

a dinosaur reading area with pillows and all different levels of dino books.

a dinosaur stamping area where I set up a Melissa and Doug dinosaur stamp set and paper. These were a Christmas present the previous year.

a caveman outfit to dress up in. This is a burlap sack I bought at our local feed store and cut holes out of the top and a zigzag at the bottom.

Dinosaur eggs to excavate. Ill describe how to make these further along.

A cave for cave for cavedrawings. This was brown paper taped around a closet, jewel christmas lights and a fuzzy faux fur carpet

A train table set up with dinosaurs to play with.

A felt board with dinosaurs.

A sandbox fossil hunt.

A erupting Volcano

and a Pinata.

We didnt get pictures of everything in action but the kids had a truly wonderful time.

For decorations I hung green – in the door leading into the action. I hung fake vines and banners from the light above the table and to each corner. The colours used around the house were orange and two shades of green. I hung paper links across the rooms and a palmtree banner too. A dinosaur poster was hung in the dining room with green balloons everywhere as well as orange and green heliums and a giant T-rex helium balloon. I made the table up with snacks like “dino slime” (lime jello in plastic wine glasses), a watermelon cut into a dino head, grape dino eggs and vegetable straw dino bones. I made a quacamole and served it with delicious chips. A dinosaur sandwich cutter (bought at winner months ago) provided fun peanut butter and jam sandwiches. The dinosaur eggs and volcano also decorated the table. I purchased small plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store which I used in both the Pinata and for decorating the table.

A close up of the dino head watermelon carved by my brother in law.

coffee grinds, salt, sand and water. Mold and bake until hard and dry

These eggs have rubber dinos inside. The kids each got one to break apart and explore.

Balloon, newspaper, flour and water paste
5 layers and some paint

I filled this with our own filling of dino stamps, tattoos, candy, rubber toys etc.

little fun things hot glued to a candle

a jar, a plate tinfoil wrapped around and newspaper under it for some form. Old playdough rolled and laid on top. Little plastic dinosaurs. Vinegar, baking soda and red food colouring

The cave paintings

A birthday tradition our kids like is that we keep one of the balloons from each year and hang it in their rooms.

after the dino party, a dino bath was had. We stuck shapes to the sides and had little plastic easter eggs filled with mini dinos

The beautiful Ella at the fossil hunt.

After saving this post in my drafts for a month I came back to finish and realized I have misplaced the memory card of photos from the party. I filled it in with some iphone photos and rushed this post out. If you have any questions on any thing that I attempted please ask. Thank you to everyone who came to the party and who helped out. Next up…. Stars Elmo party….

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